1. The general terms and conditions and Privacy Policy for the use of this website are incorporated herein and made an integral part hereof.

2. The services offered in this website shall involve business or commercial transactions only. Legalist will not accept preparation of pleadings or court documents in criminal, labor or election-related cases, or civil, maritime or administrative cases that require litigation or personal appearance before any court, tribunal or quasi-judicial or administrative body. Legalist will not render an opinion or entertain questions relating to any criminal, labor, election or family dispute, such as but not limited to, annulment of marriage, legal separation, child custody, adoption, termination of employment, election protest and the like. As such, the documents, contracts and agreements that Legalist will customize or review, and the questions that Legalist will entertain via Live chat must be strictly related to or arising from a business or commercial transaction. Any criminal or administrative offence committed in the course of or arising from a business transaction, such as violation of B.P. 22 (bouncing check law), estafa and other forms of swindling, falsification of commercial document, are not covered by the services offered in this website.

3. Legalist does not warrant that the legal advice or opinion rendered will produce the desired results of the client or within the time frame expected. Legalist does not represent nor warrant that the document or contract prepared or reviewed shall be acceptable to the counter-party or third party in every respect. The preparation of any document or contract is only one aspect in documenting a business transaction, the other being negotiation which is the sole responsibility
of the client. The crafting of the document, contract or agreement shall depend on the completeness and accuracy of the facts conveyed, the personal circumstances of the contracting parties, the actual consideration agreed upon, the description of the nature of the transaction by the client, and the authenticity and genuiness of the documents supplied.

4. Legalist shall not be liable or be responsible for any concealment, misrepresentation, omission or non-disclosure of facts, events, personal circumstances or previous agreements of the parties that may affect the wording of the provisions or clauses in the document or contract, or may prevent Legalist from capturing the true intention of the parties. The questionnaire is only a preliminary gathering of information for the initial assessment of the transaction by Legalist. It is the duty of the client to provide all the necessary, relevant and desirable information, data and authentic documents when needed, and to be forthright, honest and transparent.

5. The 24-hour turn-around time shall be reckoned from receipt of payment by Legalist through the acceptable modes of payment as provided in the website. The 24-hour turn-around time in the preparation or review of documents or contracts is a general statement that merely describes the industry and work ethics of the people behind Legalist, barring fortuitous events, unforeseen or foreseen but unpreventable events or calamities, sudden sickness or any other kind of emergency that require personal and immediate attention. Legalist shall, as far as practicable, abide by its commitment to deliver the document or its comment on the review of a contract, within the 24-hour turn-around time. Any query made through Live chat shall be replied to also as far as practicable at the soonest time possible, barring the circumstances mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

6. Legalist has a “No Refund” policy when it comes to the preparation or review of documents, contracts or agreements. Legalist do not guarantee the complete satisfaction of the client and therefore the client may not demand for a refund of payment made due to dissatisfaction or delay in the delivery of the document.

7. All communication between the client and Legalist starting with the registration and filling-up of the questionnaire shall be considered privilege in nature and shall not be disclosed to anyone except upon lawful court order, provided however, that should the client refuse or fail to pay the cost of the service, the attorney-client relationship shall be deemed terminated without need of further notice. The information or data gathered or received by Legalist during a Live chat with a client shall likewise be covered by the rule on privilege communication.