Legal Products and Services

Among the legal and financial products and services that we offer online are contract preparation, document review, accounting & financial audit, legal advice and consultation with a guaranteed turn-around time of 12 to 24 hrs. including weekends and holidays. We also offer specialized services such as transfer & registration of land title, legal due diligence, intellectual property registration and estate planning, financial planning & succession planning for high net worth individuals. Legalist has partnered with Astra Asia, a top tier financial planner, with clients around the globe. Leverage on the expertise and vast network of Astra Asia’s consultants with whom you can build a long-term and trusted relationship together with Legalist.

Contracts Preparation

Choose from a wide range of prepared documents from our inventory.  Fill up all your details, send it to us, wait for us to customize them for you, then we will send and email your document straight to your email or delivered to your doorstep.

Online Legal Advice

For Legal Advice, consultation or Legal Opinion you can email us your query or drop us a private message in the Contact page or lawyer listing with the relevant and material facts and information and our e-lawyer will contact you via email, SMS or through your preferred mobile messaging application in your smartphone or tablet.

Contracts Review

Easily send the contract to us and we will review and make a valid and thorough recommendation regarding the contract. Upon receipt of your request, we will send an invoice to your of your order which will be sent to you for payment online or our partner banks nationwide.

Accounting and Other Services

For other specialized services like Accounting & Audit, Financial Planning, Estate Planning, Bank Loan Restructuring and Financial Rehabilitation, I collaborate with experienced Tax Consultants, Financial Planners and Banking & Financial advisors who are trustworthy, dependable and experts in the areas of taxation, estate planning, investment, banking & finance. Working as a team, we will provide you with sound financial and legal advise at very affordable rates.

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