Areas of Practice

With 25 years of extensive in-house, corporate and appellate practice I have honed my skills through training and experience in the areas of:

  1. Negotiation, drafting and preparation of contracts, agreements and addendums in the subject of sales and purchase of assets, joint venture development of land, purchase of shares of stock for simple transfers, buyout or Merger & Acquisition, product distribution agreement, sale of property, assignment of rights, mortgages and other agreements in trade and commercial transactions;
  2. Banking and finance matters involving loan and credit accommodation facility, syndicated loans, foreclosure and annulment of real estate mortgage, dacion en pago, replevin, B.P. 22 cases, credit card fraud, access device, writ of possession and eviction cases;
  3. Registration of unregistered land, cancellation of liens, encumbrances and inscriptions under Rule 74, reconstitution of lost or destroyed transfer or original certificate of title, condominium certificate of title or tax declaration;
  4. Anti-Competition (anti-trust) complaints before the Philippine Competition Commission, abuse of dominant position by competitors, protection from unfair business activities, dawn raids, anti-competitive practices or agreements, merger & acquisition in compliance with requirements of the PCC;
  5. Corporate or individual rehabilitation or liquidation of assets under the Financial Rehabilitation and Insolvency Act, voluntary and involuntary insolvency proceeding; commencement order to stop creditors from enforcing their claims;
  6. Filing of an application for mining claim, i.e., exploration permit, mineral production sharing agreement, financial & technical assistance agreement, mineral operating agreement, ore transport permit, small-scale mining, compliance with regulatory requirements of the DENR and Mines & Geo-Sciences Bureau; securing of Free, Prior & Informed Consent from IP/ICCs and other indigenous stakeholders; crafting of strategies to mitigate impact on the environment and its stakeholders pursuant to the company’s vision, mission and goals, and stakeholders analysis and environment impact analysis
  7. Settlement of intra-corporate disputes and hostile takeover of a corporation by minority shareholders, voting trust agreement, exercise of pre-emptive right by minority stockholder; listing with the Philippine Stock Exchange, license to sell securities, bonds and mortgage-backed securities and other financial derivative instruments to the public pursuant to the Revised Securities Act and BSP guidelines.
  8. Business permits and licenses, issuance of secondary licenses to operate a government regulated business; foreign equity limitation and nationality restrictions in certain business enterprises under the latest DTI negative list, and other regulatory requirements for establishing and operating a regulated business enterprise or franchise;
  9. Insurance claims for life and non-life coverage; sale of pre-need pension plans and annuity plans;
  10. Public-Private Partnership with the government for locally or foreign-funded infrastructure and development projects; Programs and Project Development Management; IFI-funded projects on poverty alleviation; Corporate Social Responsibility programs; donor-centric organizations whose advocacies focus on poverty reduction, social enterprise, climate change & environment, good governance for local government units and rural education.