A business lawyer is indispensable to any type of business because of his insightful analysis and his familiarity with business norms and best practices. Whether you are engage in the business of trading, manufacturing, renewable energy, banking & finance, construction, food retail, hospitality or mining, it would help to seek advice from a business lawyer with a background of your industry. A business lawyer can analyse a problem from a local perspective, integrating global best practices to the solution, which make him an effective change agent and risk manager. Business lawyers must have the foresight to anticipate stock price movements and trends in the local and global market which could affect the regulatory landscape. These are the skills that a business lawyer is expected to have and possess on top of keeping abreast with the latest laws, rules and jurisprudence affecting business.


Yes. The old practice of engaging the services of a traditional in-house lawyer is slowly diminishing with the advent of technology. The internet has revolutionized the world and how we do business. Since the first personal computer was invented more than three decades ago, the way we compute has dramatically changed. The time required to produce something out of nothing is significantly reduced to just a fraction of the time it took two or three years ago. The same is true with legal services. A practice or process that was followed yesterday may no longer be required or applicable in today’s world because technology and innovation has changed its underlying purpose and value. Automation of internal systems and processes to streamline operations and Artificial Intelligence has become the norm which will inevitably render some functions in a business organization irrelevant. As this happens, companies will have less need for a traditional in-house lawyer or a corporate legal department to perform work that can be seamlessly and remotely performed by an e-lawyer, or a machine with Artificial Intelligence capable of analysing complex legal problems.


Cases under litigation can still be handled by a trial attorney who does not have to be the in-house lawyer. A company can outsource cases under litigation to an outside counsel without affecting the day-to-day legal requirements of the business. While there are still many commercial disputes that end up in court each year quite a number of these cases however have been successfully settled through mediation, court sanctioned Judicial Dispute Resolution or arbitration. Even if a case reaches trial the court still encourages the parties to enter into a compromise to avoid spending needless time and money on a long-drawn and protracted court battle that consumes the time and resources of the company and its people.


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