It makes good business sense to purchase online legal products and services at a fixed price from an Online Legal Service Provider or e-lawyer because it is cost-effective, practical, efficient and seamless instead of hiring an in-house lawyer or maintain a back-office legal team to perform the service. An e-lawyer can chat with a client through the on-site chat box, share documents, files and messages and deliver legal products and services in real time via email through a secure online portal. Legal support is intricately part of a business processes but it shouldn’t be expensive. Why pay your lawyer on a per minute, per message or per email basis when you can get the same quality service from an e-lawyer for a fixed price. So how do you manage the cost and quality of legal support you are getting? By purchasing legal products and services online from an e-lawyer at a fixed price.


Business opportunities come at an instant when you least expect them to happen. If you fail to seize these opportunities others will. Unlike an outside counsel an e-lawyer can render a legal opinion or give advice on all your commercial, transactional, tax, investment, regulatory, human resource and operational concerns in real time, wherever you are. Legalist offers 24/7 legal advice, prepare an agreement, review a contract or write a business proposal, and send to your email or your smartphone through mobile messaging application while you are at a meeting with your client, business partner, investor or supplier, because an e-lawyer is your virtual companion wherever and whenever your business takes you.


With the rising cost of rent of prime office space in the business districts of Makati, Ortigas, Bonifacio Global City, or in key cities throughout the country, it is practical to consider an e-lawyer to provide the same service as a traditional in-house lawyer or external counsel. The cost of rent, salary, utilities and supplies all add-up to hundreds of thousands of Peso or USD a year, and with a higher operating cost your business or product becomes less competitive. Operational efficiency means managing cost which makes budgeting and forecasting much easier in the long run. So why pay for higher rent for a bigger office space, salary and 13th month of your in-house lawyers when you can simply purchase the same legal product or service online from an e-lawyer at no extra cost?