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Legalist is an Alternative Legal Service Provider of online legal products and services, such as contract review, preparation and management, legal & business advice and financial and accounting services.


A written agreement will help the parties manage risk or resolve disputes arising from the interpretation or enforcement of the terms and conditions of the agreement. A well prepared contract coupled with a good contract management system are vital to the stability and success of every business.


Expert legal advice is crucial in any business transaction because some of the terms could be subject to regulatory requirements, tax laws or privacy and anti-competition rules, among others, which only an online business lawyer can give.


Legalist offers accounting services, registration and transfer of land title, insolvency and
corporate rehabilitation, estate and succession planning and advisory on cryptocurrency trading and mining. Contact us for a free consultation today.

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Transactions involving real property

The sale or assignment of rights over real property is the most common transaction but sometimes ends in controversy and prolonged litigation. The parties should therefore not take lightly a sale of real estate, whether it involves registered or unregistered land, or a condominium unit, or improvements on land, especially when the price is payable on installment or bank financing. It is better to always seek the advice of a lawyer.Read More »

Transactions involving personal property

Personal property are movables by their nature which are easily carried or transferred from one location to another. The most common example of personal property which is often the subject of a contract is the sale of a motor vehicle. The sale of movables like jewelry or other personal effects need not be in writing to be valid, but for motor vehicles a simple contract is required to transfer the certificate of registration with the Land Transportation Office, or for purposes of taking insurance, or when a vehicle is the subject of a chattel mortgage or pledge.Read More »

Merger, Assignment of Shares and Buy-out of Business Interest

To implement a merger of two corporations or when selling a business unit, or spinning-off a business activity to another corporation, a preliminary contract that will lead to a more definitive agreement will be required to be executed as the negotiations prosper. Financial and legal advice is imperative in every stage until closing date.Read More »

Services Agreements

The most common contract of service that is reduced to writing is an employment contract between an employer and employee. Other forms of service contracts are equally important, such as a building contract with the contractor or a retainer agreement with an accounting firm. any kind of professional service rendered by a lawyer, builder, architect or an aesthetic clinic should be ideally covered by a service agreement so that the deliverable is clearly defined.Read More »

Transactions Involving Credit

When obtaining credit from a bank or any financial institution the loan and security agreements are provided by the creditor and the borrower has not much choice but to accept the printed terms. It is advisable however to submit these loan contracts for review by a lawyer before signing. Some terms may be subject to negotiation, especially interest rates and the term. Credit facilities may be a term loan, bills purchase, credit line or back-to-back credit. We can assist you with your loan application, or in getting credit approval from a bank.Read More »

Other Special Services

We can assist in resolving problems involving title over real property, re-issuance of lost or destroyed certificate of title, accounting services, individual insolvency and corporate rehabilitation, legal and financial due diligence, estate and financial planning, settlement of estate and advice in cryptocurrency trading and mining. Our financial planners and partners will meet with you to assess and evaluate your requirements.

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